The School of Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing

The School of Engineering is one of four schools within Jönköping University. We offer attractive technical education at undergraduate and graduate levels and conduct advanced research in several technological areas. The School of Engineering is able to award doctorates in the area of industrial product realization. We collaborate with the surrounding society to develop new technology and spread knowledge to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. We have been awarded the accreditation "Engaged University" by the international organization ACEEU (Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities) and in three categories received the highest rating "Excellent". Working with us, you are close to colleagues in an international environment with great opportunities to influence and develop.

Research in Materials and Manufacturing focuses on material properties and manufacturing processes for cast materials.

The research is experimental and carried in our laboratories as well as at our industrial partners production sites. Our studies are conducted in areas such as kinetics of phase transformation through thermal analysis, relationship between microstructures and mechanical and physical properties, fractography and structural mechanics.

The aim of our research is to develop knowledge about the relationship between material composition, melting quality, process, geometry and defect formation and their relationship to the mechanical and physical properties of the materials and components. This knowledge can then form a basis for mathematical modeling and simulation of cast components. Through modelling and simulation, researchers in materials and manufacturing can investigate different phenomena when it is difficult, or even impossible, to perform relevant physical experiments.


Job description

As a doctoral student at Jönköping University, the working time is devoted primarily to doctoral studies. This includes studying doctoral courses, participating in scientific conferences, publishing scientific papers, writing a licentiate thesis and finally a doctoral dissertation. Up to 20% of the working time may be allocated for teaching and administrative work.

The PhD position is related to a project cleaning molten aluminium to enable the use of aluminium with smaller carbon footprint in critical application. The main issues are oxide and iron bases impurities but also the be able to produce a material that can be used for dilution. Topics related to the problem are, for example: industrial production of aluminium, metallurgy, solidification of metals, heat transfer, and chemical thermodynamics. The research is conducted in collaboration with industry and includes experimental work, data analysis, mathematical modelling, project management and research communication. The experimental work may be conducted both in an industrial setting or a laboratory environment. To ensure industrial relevance, it is important to maintain a wide perspective on the research, including environment, economy, and social impact.



To be eligible for the position, you have a Master’s degree or have achieved at least 240 credits/ECTS, of which a minimum of 60 credits/ECTS must have been achieved at second cycle level, or otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad.

For you who are applying for the position, it is important to have knowledge in metallurgy/ chemical thermodynamics, have hands-on experience with some materials characterization methods as well as good collaboration and communication skills, ability to finish dedicated assignments/tasks on time and a good level of the English language, both written and oral, is expected.

We expect that you have a genuine interest and curiosity in the subject and ability to work both independently and in teams. Furthermore, you should have a flexible work approach, be resilient to external stresses and be able to manage multiple work tasks simultaneously. 

Further competences that are considered meritorious are:

  • have experience working in an international team environment with colleagues from both academy and industry
  • have hands-on experience with metal casting.
  • have hands-on experience with data analysis and model regression
  • have experience publishing in a scientific journal
  • have good skills of communication and oral presentation

The successful candidate have a genuine interest and curiosity in the subject and ability to work both independently and in teams. Furthermore, you should have a flexible work approach, be resilient to external stresses and be able to manage multiple work tasks simultaneously. 



We offer a fully financed full-time position which is limited in accordance with the applicable collective agreement for doctoral students.

The start date of the employment is as soon as possible in 2022 or as agreed upon. The employment as a doctoral student normally covers five years, of which four years (80%) consist of full-time studies. The employment is extended annually based on the individual study plan. The salary is regulated according to a special doctoral student ladder.

The School of Engineering encourages applications from both female and male applicants. We are actively working to have a more balanced distribution between male and female researchers.



We look forward to receiving your application, no later than 2022-08-15

The applications will be handled on an ongoing basis, whereupon appointments can be made before the last application date.

You submit your application through our recruitment system. Appendences are preferred in PDF form and should include:

  • a cover letter;
  • CV;
  • attested certificates and diploma;
  • references
  • Scientific publications.

We kindly decline all sales and marketing contacts.

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Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment as soon as possible in 2022 or as agreed upon.
Salary Monthly salary
Number of positions 2
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Jönköping
County Jönköpings län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2022/2744-211
  • Anders Jarfors, +4636-101651
Union representative
  • Thomas Axelsson, ST, +4636-101076
  • Mikael Palmgren, Saco-S, +4636-101647
Published 23.Aug.2022
Last application date 31.Aug.2022 11:59 PM CEST

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