The School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is one of four schools within Jönköping University. We offer attractive technical education at undergraduate and graduate levels and conduct advanced research in several technological areas. The School of Engineering is able to award doctorates in the area of industrial product realization. We collaborate with the surrounding society to develop new technology and spread knowledge to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. Working with us, you are close to colleagues in an international environment with great opportunities to influence and develop. 

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a discipline that concerns with how humans use and are affected by information technologies, and to create solutions to problems that are both accessible and useful for in everyday life. As technologies are becoming increasingly pervasive and ubiquitous, almost every aspect in modern life involves the interaction with technologies in some way. Hence, this makes HCI a multi- and interdisciplinary field of study that draws on principles from different fields such as computer science, psychology, arts, and many more.

The Department of Computer Science and Informatics provides academic programmes in subjects ranging from New Media Design to IT Infrastructure and AI Engineering, and conducts research in associated areas.

The newly established HCI Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Informatics at Jönköping University is a prioritized environment in which research on human and technologies is conducted in the broadest sense. As an experience is created on different levels related to a technology, the Lab focuses on different interaction-based touch points that creates an experience to the user. This involves research on design aspects (e.g., graphical design) as well as technical aspects (e.g., machine learning, programming), and other aspects within this continuum related to HCI and new media design. To facilitate the research, the lab is equipped with tools that can help to gain deeper user insights (e.g., eye-tracking, EEG) and to create innovative solutions (e.g., VR and AR).

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Job Description
The job consists of education and supervision in Bachelor and Master’s programmes as well as conducting research.

Besides the core courses, and depending on the candidate’s background, additional courses could be included, such as Graphic Design, Client-Side Programming or Android Development.

Research will be part of the duties. You are expected to participate in research projects, collaborate with industrial partners and contribute to writing grant applications. We would like to strengthen our research at the intersection of HCI and Artificial Intelligence; we also encourage collaboration with other research groups within Jönköping University that would like to include HCI competences in their research and education.

Since the University is managed as a foundation, we have a very agile culture with the possibility of fast development for people with spirit and ambition.

You should have a Ph.D in relevant area, or comparable scientific competence, and pedagogical merits according to the Appointments Procedure at Jönköping University. The candidate should also have documented skills in teaching in English. Ability to teach in Swedish is of advantage, as is industrial experience from the area. Experience from research projects, especially in cooperation with industry, is of advantage.

The domain-specific requirements include knowledge and real-world implementation skills in one or both of the following areas.

Human-computer/Human-machine interaction, which may include:

  • interaction design and front-end development,
  • adaptability and personalisation based on user and application models, data analytics and social media analytics,
  • visualisation and interpretation of information,
  • cognitive science, UX, human factors.

Skills in web programming, which may include:

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript,
  • programming for the client-side, e.g. in JavaScript,
  • development tools for the Android and iOS platforms.

It is meritorious if you have

  • experience regarding evaluation of user experience,
  • programming for the server-side, e.g. in Python, PHP, C#, Java,
  • implementation skills in graphic design or motion graphics (Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects).

You should be development and quality oriented, responsible and pedagogically skilled. You must be able to adapt your teaching to students with various cultural and thematic background. You should also be a strong team player and still be able to work autonomously and independently. It is advantageous if you perform well in an interdisciplinary environment and have strong critical and analytical skills.

The employment starts January 2020 or after agreement. It is a fulltime position until further notice. Collective agreement is applicable.

Questions about the position can be addressed to:
Head of Departent, Anders Arvidsson, HCI Lab Manager, Bruce Ferwerda, Programme Manager (New Media Design), Einav Peretz Andersson, Professor in Informatics, Ulf Seigerroth

Union representatives: Saco-S, Mikael Palmgren, or OFR, Thomas Axelsson,

Contact phone number for them all is +46 (0)36-10 1000.

You are welcome with your application no later than September 1, 2019. 

The application should include:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Publication list
  • Pedagogical portfolio
  • Attested copy of PhD degree certificate
  • Research and education statement (future research plan and education interest).


Anställningsform Tillsvidareanställning
Anställningens omfattning Heltid
Löneform Monthly
Antal lediga befattningar 1
Sysselsättningsgrad 100%
Ort Jönköping
Län Jönköpings län
Land Sverige
Referensnummer 2019/2672-221
  • Anders Arvidsson, +46 36-10 1572
Facklig företrädare
  • Mikael Palmgren, Saco-S, +46 36-10 1647
  • Thomas Axelsson, ST, +46 36-10 1076
Publicerat 2019-06-27
Sista ansökningsdag 2019-09-01

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